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Taloombi Residence

A boutique residence located in Taloombi Street, Cronulla, seeks to elevate the streetscape and capitalise on the beach front location. The home is designed with a resort style in mind, leaning on Mediterranean inspiration. Wide arches signify entry points for the dwellings, and create a strong podium for the levels above. The use of warm toned brickwork, concrete and timber, pay homage to the beach below the site. Elevated pools allow for privacy, with water views framed between the arches beyond. 
The project is due for construction in 2023.






250 sqm


Construction 2023

T Final render_Rear view.jpg
T Final render_Pool view.jpg
T Taloombi_Front view_02.jpg
T Taloombi_Front view_01.jpg
T Final render_Rear view_02.jpg

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