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Metamorphic House

The clients came to us with a very simple brief “Turn our existing, outdated 70's brick home into a millenium beauty with an emphasis on outdoor living".

Metamorphic House is a symbiotic celebration of the outside and in. Every part of the existing house was transformed.  Redundant spaces were carved out to make way for an internal courtyard, a double height void sculpted over new living areas, with creative additions being introduced to create spaces that welcomed light, life and love. 

The clients are true believers of architecture, wanting a high level of function with architectural form, which required a series of careful and considered interventions with the existing structure. Being the clients 'forever home' the devil is in the detail, and this project incorporates a lot of features and attributes.

The word ''metamorphic'' comes from the roots ''meta'' which means ''change'' and ''morpho'' which means ''form”.


New Home






Construction 2021

Final render_Massey.jpg

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