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Matraville Duplex

A boutique duplex development located in Matraville. The proposal is for two large 4x bedroom residences, with two living areas and basement parking.  From the streetscape the proposal presents as a two storey luxury townhouse with individual entrances.  The architectural expression includes a simple palate of materials with rich layering in the detail and expression of each material, including timber and off form concrete. The proposed dwellings have been designed to maximise sunlight through large voids of the dining room, which looks over a swimming pool. The design was approved under the new Complying Development Codes
The project is due for completion in 2023.






200 sqm ea


Approved Complying Development Certificate

Final render_Clisby_Front_02.jpg
Test render_Clisby_02.jpg
Final render_Clisby_Front view x.jpg

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