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La Grande Duplex Burraneer

A boutique duplex development located in Burraneer, Sutherland Shire. Detailed and considered fluted off form concrete separates the two dwellings, with slab edge details continuing the architectural expression. Landscape plays a key part in creating a bespoke development, strategically integrated across the Architectural, inside and out. A remarkable development with construction due for completion in 2023.


Bespoke Duplex


Burraneer, Sutherland Shire Council


250 sqm ea


Construction 2023

Final render_Woolooware EK final image.jpg
Final render_Woolooware 87_Terrace view.jpg
Final render_Woolooware 87_Front viewx.jpg
87Final render_Stairs.jpg
87Final render_Kitchen.jpg
87Final render_Living room.jpg
87Final render_Bathroom.jpg
87Test render_Garage.jpg

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